“I would definitely recommend Ali for permanent cosmetics. I went to her for my brows, to knowing exactly what I wanted done and she told me my options and her opinion as to what she thought I would be most happy with. I ended up going with her recommendation of the natural looking powder filled brows. I am so happy with them and it was pretty much painless and was a fairly quick process. Her spa is clean and very relaxing. She is a really positive person and is a perfectionist, which is what you want. I would send me family members to her, that is how great. I thought she was. I will be back for more from Ali.” -01.29.2019 · Shelley Jensen

“ What can I say... not only is she super sweet and funny! But also SO talented. I emailed her the night before telling her about the horror story of my last eye lash application from another studio. The glue was bulky and they put multiple lashes on per one natural lash. I asked for a classic which is 1 lash per 1 natural lash! I was so upset by the outcome of the application. When I emailed Ali she was super prompt in emailing me back to get me in ASAP. She got me in the next day and literally was a miracle worker. My lashes look amazing! They do not hurt and they look just absolutely fantastic! Even my husband was like “dannngg!” I am from the south and just moved here recently. Having Ali be so kind and knowledgeable about the lash extension application made me feel comfortable and at ease! Thank you Ali was being amazing and I am so happy I found my eye lash gal! Also, super pumped for my facial with her in two weeks!” -03.20.2019 · Cameron

"If you are looking for the perfect professional to do your brows, lashes and everything in between look no further! Ali is truly an amazing person and Artist! Having my eyebrows etched and lashes done by Ali is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Worth every second of my 1 hour drive!" - Rorrielle L.  


"I've been Allie's client for over 3 years now....I follow her wherever she goes! She is awesome and very personable, very skillful with everything she does. I am one of her lashes clients, but she also does my eyebrows and sugar waxing." - Catherine C. 


"I got my permanent cosmetics done for my eyebrows done by Ali! I absolutely love them! They are amazing!" - Samantha H. 


"Hands down the best care I have ever received at a beauty salon." - Brittany T. 


"Ali is WONDERFUL! She's such a delight & my eyebrow etching experience was beyond amazing. I was nervous about the discomfort that came with it, which she made sure I was comfortable at all times. Made the effort to understand my needs/what I was anticipating to see as far as shape, color, etc. Will absolutely be referring her to friends and family! " - Tiarah C. 6/28/16


"Very personable and she's got some serious skill! " - Rorrielle L. 6/22/16


"Ali is without question a pro. Her attention to detail and consistency makes every visit a perfect outcome. :-)" - Rachelle M. 6/21/16


"Ali is a true artist! My boyfriend and I both wanted to get our brows etched and were referred to Ali. When we met for the consultation, she learned that the reason my boyfriend wanted his eyebrows done was because he lost them during chemotherapy treatments for leukemia. She immediately stated that his brows would be complimentary! We were so impressed with her sweet spirit and professional opinions. She has truly studied this technique and knows the symmetry that compliments each individual face. She took time to decide on the perfect shade of pigment as well! We both had our brows etched that week and they turned out so natural! I then booked an appointment for my Mom. We love you, Ali! You're amazing!" - Carrie A B. 


"Aku is incredible at what she does , I was tight on money but I wanted my eyelashes done correctly . So I went to see Ali and she is a true artist of her craft . I see her as well for my fills ." - Mary P. 


"I'm in love with my eyebrows!!! Ali did a great job " - Stacy M.


"Very personable and professional. She explained the process step by step and made me felt at ease. " - Tracey H. 


"I love Alexandrea Plumb! Definitely book your next appointment here!” - Rosalinda Bedolla G. 


”My very first Brazilian and she was super nice and understanding. She also did my armpits, and was able to squeeze my friend in to get her armpits sugared. Would recommend to anyone who needs someone like Ali!" - Megan S. 


"My lashes are amazing. Ali was very professional and nice. I look forward to my next appointment. " - Linda N.


"Simple she's the best I totally recommend her????" - Julie J. 8/13/15


"I came in for my very first set of Volume Eyelash Extensions and I am HOOKED. Ali is professional, very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She walked me through her process and made me very comfortable and relaxed during my appointment. I love how soft these extensions feel. They look incredible, thank you so much Ali! " - Ayano B. 8/07/15


"I bought a gift certificate for my friend's birthday to treat her to the same pampering I received!" - Joanne T. 8/05/15


"I Loved her, and I am definitely going back to her. She took great care of me and did a great job on my eyebrows! " - Jacqueline V. 7/28/15


"She's just plain AMAZING!! telling everyone about her :o)" - Missy G. 6/23/15


"I had to bring my daughter withe and Ali was more than accomadating! She had markers and nail polish for her to play with! It made me feel so welcome and made my shy daughter comfortable in a new place! Not only that, but Ali is very knowledgable in her field and has a real passion for what she does. She did an awesome job on my lashes! I will definitely go back to her!" - Julie R. 6/20/15


"Ali is so awesome she totally takes care of me and always has my best interest in mind ! I loved the threading she did for me today which had no chemicals and worked great! She really does what's best for me and I love that. Thanks Ali!!" - Shelly L. 6/11/15


"Ali is always fabulous! She is very thorough and gentle, and consistently does a wonderful job. She's also a sweet and thoughtful person who really cares about her clients! I will definitely always go back to see her. " - Brandi O. 5/28/15


"Ali has gone above and beyond to care for me. She is kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her work! You won't regret it. She is truly a skilled lash extensionist and a wonderful person as well :)" - Stephanie B. 5/19/15


"I love Ali's work. She did my brow extensions before my vacation. I received tons of compliments on my brows. Great atmosphere and Ali is very personal. Seeing her today for my lashes!!!" - Jennifer S. 5/15/15


"I love Alexandrea Plumb! Definitely book your next appointment here! I can not be more happy about my brows! After years feeling awful, and having to draw them every day, am finally free thanks to you Alexandrea! Super cute place, excellent customer service, answered all my questions, and the outcome is superb! I feel amazing thanks to you!!! Ilyana" - Yumi T. 4/29/15


"Got my eyebrows done again!!! ???????? If you hate the way your eyebrows look and want them to be shaped better, more full and definitely natural looking, Ali plumb is the girl for you! This is my third time going to her and she is amazing at what she does! Also she's just an awesome person in general, and knows how to make you feel more confident about yourself from the minute you walk in her cute little spa oasis! Trust me, by the time you leave you will be a happier YOU knowing that she gave you exactly what you went in hoping for! She helped me make my catastrophic eyebrows, that were shaped like Nike signs, into beautiful natural ones that make me feel so much better every time I see myself in the mirror! Thanks Ali for all that you do! " - Bryanna L. 4/25/15


"I have always loved Ali Plumb work. This new studio is great because its centrally located and has a personalized touch. Ali offers a variety of services and even has selection of products. I look forward to my next appointment. " - Sophia G. 4/22/15


"Ali was very knowledgable and especially kind. She used measuring tools to ensure symmetry and proper arch. My service even ended up being less expensive than I anticipated because Ali was able to perfect my brows using only tint and sugaring. I'll never go anywhere else! " - Amanda A. 4/21/15


"I was lucky enough to find Ali around 6 months ago. After having a few botched waxing appointments I was a little nervous about finding someone new. Ali is professional, straightforward, kind and truly an expert in her field. From facials to sugaring, to brow extensions the level of service is hard to come by. Once you find someone with her talent you stick with them!!! Thank you Ali!!!"  - Jenn P. 3/20/15


"Comfortable setting, awesome service, and end reward....amazing lashes! " - Megan W. 2/22/15


"I have been seeing Ali off and on for a few years now. I have followed her from her previous employer to her new amazing and relaxing home studio. She does fabulous lash and sugaring work and I have also had the pleasure of having my makeup done for a wedding which was airbrushed and turned out fabulous! I would recommend her to anyone who is wanting that extra sparkle in their life!" - Rachel W. 2/18/15


"Alexandrea is extremely talented in her profession. Her results are second to none. At my first appointment she explained everything she was doing which inspired confidence in her work and told me right away that she is very professional. I appreciated her attention to detail and will definitely be returning. Ali just earned herself a lifelong client!" - Erin L. 2/12/15