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The reason I put this product on my website as a recommended product to you is because it may save your life. The video above shows that the product helps to stabilize free radical cells. This was introduced to me by a man who owned a natural supplement store in Auburn, Ca. He placed this product in my hand after I walked into his store in search of something to save my father's life. The man also told me " If you start taking this at your age now, it will save your life and add years to your life!" He had gone through 50 bottles himself at this time. I since have done research on this simple but complex product and it has shocked me with what is possible. My goal with this product is to change the statistic of cancer in people and create an environment in your body that cancer cannot thrive. I will continue to take this daily and to check my pH. Cancer can't live in an alkaline environment, this product will balance your pH and help your functions work together correctly. You won't be disappointed! If you know anyone going through cancer and treatment currently, tell them to get this product and start now before the body has reached a state of Acidosis. Your body begins to shut down when it's too acidic. I will just let you watch this video for yourself and I hope you all live a long time and we can all take the time to learn about how cancer grows and how to prevent it and kill it. I have since, lost my father to cancer in December of 2015 and I swore to myself I would do everything I can to prevent going through what he had to. He fought for 7 years and he was a fighter until the very end! Cancer Sucks! Get this product! I LOVE YOU ALL! 

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