What do I need done ?


Do you have Brows? 

NO - Don’t worry! Make them full again by method of Tattooing Permanent Makeup to camouflage Scaring, Spacing, Gapping, and sparse brows. 

    Which Type of Tattooing Do I get done??? 

 1)Realistic Hairstrokes is Microblading

        2) Soft Makeup powdered look is call Soft Powder fill

YES - Listed below are the services I recommend for you

 ~ The Ultimate Brow Treatment ~

~ Tinted Brow Treatment ~

~ Tiny Brow Treatment ~

 Make sure you look over my Pre Medical Check list to make sure you have no contraindications to the service if you are getting Permanent Makeup.

Do you have Lips that are disappearing or have scars in them ?

YES -  That is no worry anymore through permanent Cosmetics and Tattooing on color that was lost over time or never existed to begin with. We can custom make a color just for you! Natural to more bright colors. I can give you my professional opinion on which color would look best with skin tone and natural lips. 

NO - Then lucky you!!! When your lips start to fade , I will be here for you to brighten them up and even them up! 

Do you have amazing Lashes??

YES - Then Tinting is a great option to darken the lashes if you want them darker. Thats all I can offer for lashes that are already amazing. 

NO - Volume Lash Extensions are great to get to lengthen, curl, darken and thicken your lashes. These are Silk Volume Lashes which are the highest quality lash extensions in my field. 

OR - The Eyeliner Tattooing Procedure might be right for you too! If you want thickness at the base of lashes, or lash line, then I can do a natural darkening in between the lashes, or do a full eyeliner. But if your lashes are small and blonde, this will make them appear like you have a lash line, and then the extensions over the eyeliner is Gorgeous! If you want eyeliner done first, you cannot have Lash extensions on until 6 to 8 weeks later after your follow-up procedure is all done healing. Then, I can put Eyelash extensions on you. 

Do you have Hair you want removed ??

OF course you do! Silly Question- its just committing to having me, torture you. haha Just kidding! Hey this is why you come to a Specialist for this and not a nail salon. Right??  Trust me. I have certifications to remove hair. Seems silly, but hair removal is an art and there is a very specific way to remove it depending on the skin type, hair type, and type of hair and area I am removing it from. If you have had a painful experience in the past, I will take care of you and you will not be cussing or kicking me, my promise. I have done over 7k Brazilians and other services and I must say, everyone is unique and deserves special attention that I have the experience to handle. I have serviced men as well so I am comfortable working with men as well. Ive done a lot of Back and Chest waxing in my career so far. Its so funny, every time I have a man ask me, is this going to hurt like it does in the movie "40 year old Virgin"?? hahaha no, that technician was not experienced. She started in the middle of his chest hair, that is not recommended as a professional. I keep all my clients comfortable as possible.  I have had other gals who have done sugaring their entire life, tell me I kept them the most comfortable out of anyone her entire life getting this done. I talk and laugh and make you comfortable where the 30 minute appointment goes by like 15 minutes. Give me a try and you'll be surprised!

Females - Sugaring and Waxing Full Body Hair Removal 

Males - Back and Chest Sugaring and Waxing is amazing to have done for summer. Lasts 3 to 5 weeks! 

What next??? 

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