“Get LAshes, give attention to your brows and always take care of your lips.” -fei fei sun


In Aesthetics, I focus on beauty and balance. Beauty comes in many forms. Everyone being unique. In my career thus far, I have come across women with faded lip color,  irrgular border, and scars in their lips. My goal in Permanent Lipstick and restoration is to make sure you look your best as though youve had nothing done at all. Natural colors Tattoo the best. If you are looking for Purple, Orange or Mauve Lips, you are in the wrong place. I tattoo and resore your lip color like when you were a child. The youthful, bright pink red healthy lip color. I try to match your lips exactly and then if you don’t have good lip color then we can always custom blend a color that flatters your skin tone perfectly.

If you are worried about Pain during the procedure, I have the answer for you! My client, who has had her brows, lashes and lips done by me, is a Dentist in Everett. She owns Tracey Dentistry. She will gladly numb you up in 5min with Novacaine shot to numb your entire mouth. Call her here to set up your 5 in numbing appointment before your lip appointment with me. ( 425-337-1000) She charges $50 to numb my clients before your appointment with me. This will keep you numb for about 4 hours. This is enough time for me to tatttoo the lips and also allow you time after the procedure to have the numbing work. I would highly recccommend this. If you are afraid of a shot to the mouth, you probably are in the wrong place getting your lips tattooed. If you are afraid of pain, definently do this. The lips are the most vascular part of the body, and you will feel it without a dental block. Ususally clients report of anywhere from a 4-7/ 10 pain without the dental block. With the dental block, 0/10 pain. You will feel nothing but a tiny bit of sensation.

Procedure Protocol

Color selection, Shaping and design, tattoo border, thicken border, and blend border into the rest of the full lip, last is soaking time of 5-10 min. The pigment need time to soak into your Epiedermis. Then you get a little Aquaphor and youre on your way!

I reccommend icing the night of and taking antihistimines to prevent extra swelling. drink lots of H20 and stay moiturized all the time! Aquaphor, Neosprorin, and Polysporin are the best. DO NOT USE VASELINE!

Make sure you stay away from Hot foods, and Drinks like coke and red wine as the color can change your lip color as healing is finishing.

Peeling happens in 5 days and your lips will feel dry and healing for 4 weeks at least.

If you have filler, it will be okay. If you want to get your lips tattooed before filler, its much better. the border and color resoration is more important then the volume loss. Some gals will go get their lips filled and go way to big because all along they were looking for filler to help the border, the color and the youghtfulness. Filler is for volume Loss, wrinkly lips, or mis shaped lips. I reccommend both to my clients but case by case.

Get your Lips in Tip top Shape with Tattooing services by me!