5 day intensive Brow mapping/ Microblading Training


Microblading Training
with Ali 

Students must hold a recognized qualification in at least one of the following:

    Individual eyelash extensions

    Eyebrow enhancement 

    Make-up artist

    Semi-permanent make-up



    Nail technician


30 hours total

Day 1: Brow Mapping, Face shape, Bone structure, ethnicities and their growth patterns, Camoflaging, and Balancing the face, aftercare, Practice Sheets and drawing eyebrows on them to shape. $850 6 hrs

Day 2: Consultations, legal forms , and medical forms, Prep for brows and contraindications to service, Bio hazard waste disposal, photos, needle configurations, techniques, proper stretching, skin types, and knowing how the skin heals. $850
Day 3: Pigments, Color Theory, Equipment, Set up, Protocol, Run through, and practice on practice skin $850 6hrs

Day 4: Questions, best case senarios/ worst case senarios, and role play a full appointment, practice more on practice sheets until you feel ready to do a model, book a model for next day. $850 6hrs

Day 5: Practice on Model if you feel you are ready. 
2 models 3 hours each appointment. Each model will have a product fee of $100 to me for the equipment used in the service. $850 6hrs

I think you really need a lot of practice to get good, but you can get better as time goes on, and if you feel youd like more training we can arrange something. 
total: $4,250 plus tax $425 =$4,675.  30 hours total

If you want a kit too we can dicuss a price on that. I don't know exactly how much it would be until I decide if you want me to put it together for you. I would just charge a fee for the time it takes to get everything plus the total of the product. probably somewhere around another $850