Microblading Vs Etching ??

I've been getting this question a lot lately. 

Honestly it just depends on who trained that person and why they call it different. There are many techniques done for the Realistic Hairstroke Look. I do a Method Called Genuline method. I was trained by SofTap Inc. I would recommend this service next to microblading because its more of a stratch than a slice in the eyebrow. 

I personally got my eyebrow micro bladed. At least thats what she called it. I was bleeding a lot and they were legit cuts that you could open and see into. With a scratch you can't open it up and see into in. 

I had immense bleeding on my procedure getting micro bladed. I couldn't do that to my clients so I choose a gentle method of hair strokes that is way more light in application. 

The Microblading hurt so so bad on me too and I've heard from others that it hurts too.  My clients don't complain of pain no more than a 4 out of 10 the first pass and 0 out of 10 the rest of the passes. 

I also have covered up 2 people who have been "micro bladed" and they spent $700+ in LA to get them done! And they turned blue and ashy to a point where I had to cover them up. One place even put the hair strokes going the wrong direction! 

It's very important to go to someone who knows BROWS!!!!! I've done over 12,000 brows in my 4 year career so far! I know what brows look like and what they should look like. And they will fit YOUR FACE! 

I do not have a specific pattern I follow when I do my brows. I blend my hairs with the natural direction of yours so that you can't tell the difference between your natural hairs and the fake ones. This is why mine blend and look so natural and fluffy. 

I prefer more Feminized polished look on my beautiful clients. 

If you are wanting superior Service and Quality, I am your girl!