Location Change and Eyebrow Etching NEW SERVICE!!

Hello Everyone, 

I wanted to give an update for anyone who doesn't know, I am back at my other location now in Lynnwood. If you need the address please contact me! I am glad to be back, that commute was not the best! I am sure many of you understand and are grateful I'm back as well. 

I have a new and amazing technique for permanent cosmetics for EYEBROWS. The name of this hair stroke technique is called Eyebrow Etching. I love this technique so much! It makes the smallest hair strokes! I will continue to offer the other SofTap technique as well, but for people who desire a super realistic option, this is Great! Eyebrow Etching is a technique that involves making little scratches in the eyebrow that the pigment can get into and heal under the skin. This is not the same as Microblading. It is much safer than microblading. I do not use a blade to slice the skin. This is a fairly risky procedure because with a blade you can't tell how deep you are going into the skin and it can cause scarring or the pigment to be pressed out by all the bleeding. By scratching the skin I am doing a very gentle method. It lasts just as long as microblading and hurts less. I would suggest this service to anyone! Eyebrow Etching will last about 1.5 years to 2 years on average. If you want to change the color or shape later, you can! I am so excited to offer this service, as it fits right into my artwork! $300 and you can book your appointment now online at www.styleseat.com/aliplumb