Microblading Vs Etching ??

I've been getting this question a lot lately. 

Honestly it just depends on who trained that person and why they call it different. There are many techniques done for the Realistic Hairstroke Look. I do a Method Called Genuline method. I was trained by SofTap Inc. I would recommend this service next to microblading because its more of a stratch than a slice in the eyebrow. 

I personally got my eyebrow micro bladed. At least thats what she called it. I was bleeding a lot and they were legit cuts that you could open and see into. With a scratch you can't open it up and see into in. 

I had immense bleeding on my procedure getting micro bladed. I couldn't do that to my clients so I choose a gentle method of hair strokes that is way more light in application. 

The Microblading hurt so so bad on me too and I've heard from others that it hurts too.  My clients don't complain of pain no more than a 4 out of 10 the first pass and 0 out of 10 the rest of the passes. 

I also have covered up 2 people who have been "micro bladed" and they spent $700+ in LA to get them done! And they turned blue and ashy to a point where I had to cover them up. One place even put the hair strokes going the wrong direction! 

It's very important to go to someone who knows BROWS!!!!! I've done over 12,000 brows in my 4 year career so far! I know what brows look like and what they should look like. And they will fit YOUR FACE! 

I do not have a specific pattern I follow when I do my brows. I blend my hairs with the natural direction of yours so that you can't tell the difference between your natural hairs and the fake ones. This is why mine blend and look so natural and fluffy. 

I prefer more Feminized polished look on my beautiful clients. 

If you are wanting superior Service and Quality, I am your girl!  


New Pricing for my New LOCATION!!

 Russian Volume Lashes New Prices 

$1.80 per minute for me to work on you for a returning client. 

$2.30 per minute for new clients- paperwork, consultation, etc. 


Full set: $350- 150 minutes

70 minute fill ( $125)

90 minute fill ( $162) 

120 minute fill($216)


There is no one in Bellevue area offering Lashes of my quality. 


Anything over 2 hours will be a removal and a new full set again. At that point they are too grown out that they wont look good, this is someone who has waited 6 to 7 weeks before a fill. 

Everyone will be leaving full now! No mediocre fills with the 30 minute fills. If you come to see me for Lashes you WILL WALK OUT WITH THE NICEST LASHES IN THE AREA. No less. 

That is my standard, and if there are some that can’t understand this, then I have other places I can refer you too with lower expectations for service and quality then I offer. With the entire experience you will receive the best customer service being with me. Its the price you pay for quality, service, security, and safety and an amazing feeling for weeks it leaves you with!

Moving Locations!

Beautiful Bellevue

I'm so excited to announce that I will be moving from my current Location to Bellevue! 

Thank you to all who even made this move possible, all my amazing beautiful clients! I couldn't have done it without your support and push to be on my own and start my own thing. Being 24 and owning such an amazing ability to help people is priceless. I'm very Thankful for every single one of you girls/guys that have seen me since I opened 2 years ago! 263 different ladies/gents have come to me asking for help in 2 years and I couldn't be more eager to transform every single one of you! 

Being in the center of all the Beauty and Art that surrounds me,  I will be joyed to be there! 

I feel like the every time I step foot into this Beautiful city I feel more at peace and at home. I get signs from God calling me here for a good reason. There are a lot of people to tend to and make feel beautiful!  It is a safe and gorgeous city full of entrepreneurs like myself and I feel as though I will fit right in! 

I'm excited to get involved in a community again with the Salon owners I will work next to, to the amazing Residents living close by! 

I want to partner up with other givers and see what we can do for giving back as well! If anyone has connections to charity events in Bellevue I am very interested! I would love to even sponsor a modeling agency at some point in the future. This industry is just starting in my eyes. 

Follow me and you will be amazed..... 




Sola Salons Bellevue 

909 112th AVE NE Suite 105 Bellevue, WA 98004

Room 20- Click Here for Directions, Parking, and Check out what other Service Professionals are provided here! 

Eyebrow Etching


I am proud to introduce the Newest Technique to the Esthetics Industry!

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The coolest thing about this service is that I feel like I am a magician now!!
Creating realistic eyebrows that would have never existed before! The best part is.....

Eyebrow Etching is a new technique that is so amazing!! It creates little scratches in the eyebrow that I make using an etching tool. I numb the area so well you barely feel a thing! I will take my time to etch the area with detail and realism. Being a natural born artist, I find this is be very easy. The color matching process has been simple for me. The concept is mixing the color of the pigment with the color of your skin and thats the desired result. The eyebrow etching will heal a little cooler and so for that reason I will begin with a color 2 shades warmer than the desired color. I know this sounds confusing however, I am the professional that has had training and years experience with this, don't worry! 

The eyebrows are something that frames the entire face, With the bone structure being different in every person, every eyebrow set looks different! 

Every year you will need a touchup and I haven't set my prices to that yet but I'm thinking it would be around $125-$175. I would already have the paperwork filled out, color picked out and the shape down which takes all the talent and time out of the appointment.

If you have more questions you can feel free to email me at 


See videos by clicking my Instagram page! 


I do complimentary procedures on anyone who has lost their hair due to cancer or has a autoimmune disorder that prevents hair growth. 
- Any donations will be made to Gerson Institute! -

This is where I would choose to go if I ever get diagnosed with cancer.
I lost my father Lee Plumb in December 2015 and he was on his way there next if the cancer would have got better. Unfortunately it grew rapidly and he passed away in 2 months. It was prostate, bladder, and colon cancer that had spread and was taking over his organs quickly. I will forever be grateful for the time I got with him before he passed. 

This is my way of giving back.   

Facial Analysis and the Beauty Mask

Hello Again! 

I am very excited to have discovered this! I will be using this template to measure the face to find the most beautiful proportions for you. I will be adding this on as a add on service. It will take about 30 minutes extra time to analyze your face and discuss how I can help make your face as proportionately beautiful as possible!  I would suggest clicking this link below for the full article and explanation. It combines science, math and beauty all in one! 


Watch these videos! 


Location Change and Eyebrow Etching NEW SERVICE!!

Hello Everyone, 

I wanted to give an update for anyone who doesn't know, I am back at my other location now in Lynnwood. If you need the address please contact me! I am glad to be back, that commute was not the best! I am sure many of you understand and are grateful I'm back as well. 

I have a new and amazing technique for permanent cosmetics for EYEBROWS. The name of this hair stroke technique is called Eyebrow Etching. I love this technique so much! It makes the smallest hair strokes! I will continue to offer the other SofTap technique as well, but for people who desire a super realistic option, this is Great! Eyebrow Etching is a technique that involves making little scratches in the eyebrow that the pigment can get into and heal under the skin. This is not the same as Microblading. It is much safer than microblading. I do not use a blade to slice the skin. This is a fairly risky procedure because with a blade you can't tell how deep you are going into the skin and it can cause scarring or the pigment to be pressed out by all the bleeding. By scratching the skin I am doing a very gentle method. It lasts just as long as microblading and hurts less. I would suggest this service to anyone! Eyebrow Etching will last about 1.5 years to 2 years on average. If you want to change the color or shape later, you can! I am so excited to offer this service, as it fits right into my artwork! $300 and you can book your appointment now online at www.styleseat.com/aliplumb


Hello Everyone, 

Trying to make life easier for you! I soon will be offering Debit Card and Credit Card Transactions!

There will be online booking now and a credit card must be on file to book the appointment. 

Make sure you pay attention to the Cancellation Policy upon booking for it has significantly changed. 

25% of the appointment will be charged for late cancellations 

50% of the appointment will be charged for no show appointments

If you would like to schedule your appointment you can go to www.styleseat.com/aliplumb and click "BOOK ME" 


Download the Styleseat Mobile App.  You can search for professionals, schedule appointments, write recommendations, and manage your payment options as well! 

Here are some videos to help! 

I also have a nice Google Profile now! When you get a chance to review your experience with me you can do so on GOOGLE, FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE , & STYLESEAT!